El centro de aprendizaje privado de idioma chino No. 1 a nivel mundial

Learn Chinese at Mandarin Centers Institute

Mandarin Centers Institute is the leading private Mandarin Chinese language learning center in the Western Hemisphere.

About Mandarin Centers Institute

Mandarin Centers Institute is a professional training institute with a global concept that, based on the teaching of Mandarin Chinese, enables professionals, companies and governments to respond to different opportunities that arise in an interconnected world where language learning is indispensable.

Founded in 2005, it is the leading private Mandarin Chinese language learning center in the Western Hemisphere.

The knowledge of a second language amplifies the skills of memory, expression and the ability to create, as well as the rapid incorporation of more languages. In this sense, ethical values and tolerance towards other cultures are fostered by learning to understand other realities of their environment.

We have our own methodology designed so that you can learn Chinese in a simple and communicative way, encouraging all students, even beginners, to actively participate in the classes.

We respond to a need that has arisen in an interconnected world where language learning is essential to differentiate oneself culturally and professionally as a person, and in the business world as a company.

In the new world order, China will soon consolidate its position as the world’s leading power, not only as the world’s factory but also as its buyer, and mastering Mandarin Chinese will be essential in relations with China.

Why study Mandarin Chinese?

Because in addition to the above, it is a language known by more than 1.4 billion people, most of them natives of the area, which implies an added value, in terms of relations with this country, for Westerners who have the ability to speak and understand this language. Understanding the linguistics of a place implies discovering a large part of its cultural fabric, a fact of utmost importance for empathizing with a way of life different from that of the West.

This means that learning language skills is not only good for the development of communication skills and memory, but it is also a formula for cultivating tolerance and respect for other realities that are perhaps still unknown but very much present.

In this sense, it is a good alternative to incorporate a competence that will make them indispensable in certain contexts where opportunities reside, although this does not imply leaving the study of other languages aside. In fact, our Chinese language course for adults is beneficial for mental capacities, allowing us to practice other languages with greater ease.

Advantages of learning Mandarin Chinese

Official curriculum

All our programs follow the curriculum of the official Chinese YCT and HSK exams.


By outsourcing 100% of its services, the center achieves a significant reduction in structural costs.


We have a controller, who performs continuous quality audits.


Native teachers, qualified to teach Chinese as a foreign language, with experience and the necessary training to teach our program.


Our methodology is unique because it adapts the teaching of Mandarin Chinese to governmental precepts.


We are in charge of designing the contents and programming of the courses, selection of didactic materials, organization of exams and meetings and tutorials with parents.