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Study Mandarin Chinese in Colombia

It is a language known by more than 1.4 billion people, most of them natives of the area, which implies an added value, in terms of relations with this country, for Westerners who have the ability to speak and understand this language.

Understanding the linguistics of a place implies discovering a large part of its cultural fabric, a fact of utmost importance for empathizing with a way of life different from that of the West. This means that learning language skills is not only good for the development of communication skills and memory, but it is also a formula for cultivating tolerance and respect for other realities that are perhaps still unknown but very much present.


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Classes start July 23, 2022

Academic Offer

Courses taught with their own methodology, designed so that you can learn Chinese in a simple and communicative way, encouraging all students, even beginners, to actively participate in the classes.

Mandarin Chinese language course Level I →

Hourly load 40 hours

About the course

HSK 1: Allows the student to understand and use a set of very simple words and phrases that serve to respond to specific communication needs and prepare them to continue acquiring more advanced Chinese language skills.

HSK level 1 is recommended for those students who want to start learning the Chinese language and no previous knowledge is required.

Tuition from US$ 150

Mandarin Chinese language course Level II →

Hourly load 40 hours

About the course

At this level, the student's ability to use the Chinese language to maintain direct and simple conversations on everyday matters is measured and to check if he has reached an advanced initial level.

HSK level 2 is recommended for those students who have studied Chinese language for two semesters academic courses (one academic year) at a rate of 2-3 classes per week and who master about 300 words of frequent use as well as the corresponding syntactic structures.

Tuition from US$ 150

Supplementary data


The Mandarin Centers training body is made up of a group of native teachers, holders of the necessary qualifications to teach this language and with ample experience in this field and specialized in our training program.


-Thank you
-What is your name?
-She is my Chinese teacher.
-Your daughter is 20 years old
-I can speak Chinese
-What date is today?
-I would like you more
-Where does your son work?
-I can sit here
-What time is it?
-What will the weather be like tomorrow?
-He is learning how to cook Chinese food
-She has bought a lot of clothes
-I came on a flight

Teaching materials

Sinolingua / Yale University digital and/or printed meetings.

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