El centro de aprendizaje privado de idioma chino No. 1 a nivel mundial

Companies and governments

Mandarin Centers offers a wide range of general and special ad hoc courses specifically designed for companies with commercial ties to China, who are looking for training in their language and culture.

Chinese language learning program for companies and governments

An increasing number of governments and companies are establishing commercial ties with China. This emerging reality is due to the country’s enormous economic growth, which has made it the world’s main foreign exchange reserve.

Commercial transactions with the region are becoming more of a necessity than an option in many cases. The numerous opportunities offered by this region make many companies try their luck with the establishment of links with the country, which, moreover, in a globalized world is necessary to survive in the business area. International transactions, expansion processes, mergers with foreign companies or even the creation of websites in several languages are an increasingly constant reality.

However, Chinese language training, although on the rise, is still scarce. For this reason, at Mandarin Centers we have created a method directly oriented to governments and companies so that their members can acquire communication skills in the Mandarin Chinese language.

Training partner for major companies and governments

We have become a training partner of important companies and governments by developing training programs adapted to the individual characteristics of each organization. Thus, we offer a wide variety of Mandarin Chinese courses at different levels, as well as teachings oriented to commercial and business communication.

Due to the fact that the work situation of the professionals who take this type of courses is active, they have to comply with a series of pre-established schedules that prevent them from dedicating themselves completely to the learning of the language. For this reason, Mandarin Centers offers a wide combination of different hours to adapt to the employee’s personal schedule. The academy even offers the possibility of “in-company” training, that is to say, given at the physical location of the company or government institution.