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Companies and governments

Mandarin Centers provides a comprehensive range of general and specialized courses tailored for companies engaged in commercial relations with China, seeking language and cultural training.

Language programs for companies and governments

In the current global landscape, an increasing number of governments and companies are establishing commercial ties with China, driven by the country’s remarkable economic growth, positioning it as the world’s primary foreign exchange reserve.

The necessity of engaging in commercial transactions with the region has transitioned from an option to a crucial requirement. Many companies are capitalizing on the numerous opportunities presented by this region, recognizing that, in a globalized world, such engagements are vital for business survival. As a result, activities like international transactions, expansion initiatives, mergers with foreign entities, or the creation of multilingual websites are becoming increasingly prevalent.

However, Chinese language training, while on the rise, remains limited. To address this gap, Mandarin Centers has developed a method specifically tailored for governments and companies, enabling their members to acquire effective communication skills Mandarin Chinese language.

Training partner for major companies and governments

Mandarin Centers has established itself as a training partner for significant companies and governments, creating customized training programs that cater to the unique characteristics of each organization. Our offerings include a diverse range of Mandarin Chinese courses across different proficiency levels, with a  specific focus on business and commercial communication.

Given the active work situations of professionals participating in such courses, adherence to predetermined schedules becomes a challenge.To accommodate this,, Mandarin provides a flexible combination of time slots to align with each employee’s individual schedule. Moreover, the academy extends the option of “in-company” training, delivering courses directly at the physical location of the respective company or government institution.