El centro de aprendizaje privado de idioma chino No. 1 a nivel mundial


Mandarin Centers Chinese language academy franchises guarantee to all their franchisees an effective methodology and trained teachers.


Due to the difficulty in controlling the quality of teaching and the search for qualified teachers, there is currently no teaching that enjoys notoriety and recognition.

This is where Mandarin Centers Institute emerges as a natural market leader thanks to:

Innovative model
that expands business possibilities

These strategic assets, methodology, teaching staff and design put us in the unique position of offering a turnkey model of academies and business centers.
Now we offer you the opportunity to participate in an innovative model that expands the business possibilities from the classic consumer to the agreement with other entities, B2B service (Business to Business) offering outdoor training services for companies as well as schools, kindergartens, universities and study centers.

It is this modality of service through agreements the key that allows us to expand practically without limits the productive capacity of each franchised center. In addition, we will collaborate to turn each academy into a real business center with China, offering a wide and complete portfolio of services that is an ideal complement to the training line:

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