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Intensive courses

Learning languages is essential to improve cultural level and enhance job skills for greater employability.

Intensive Mandarin Chinese language courses

Understanding multiple languages is known to have positive effects on health. It improves memory, refines communication skills, and may even delay diseases like Alzheimer’s, serving as an effective mental exercise. Additionally, for those who love to travel, the ability to express oneself in the local language enhances the overall travel experience.

Why study Mandarin Chinese?

The decision to study Mandarin Chinese elicits diverse and varied responses, depending on individual interests. Whether driven by professional or cultural motivations, mastering Chinese demands dedication and effort. In today’s global landscape, acquiring proficiency in Mandarin is increasingly valuable, given China’s emergence as one of the foremost economic powers.

Mandarin Centers recognizes this opportunity and offers intensive Chinese courses. These courses provide a focused timeframe for individuals to develop the necessary skills to speak, write, and understand Mandarin. The curriculum is designed to cater to those seeking a comprehensive language learning experience, complementing the acquisition of other languages.

Upon completing the course, students have the option to pursue specific preparation for the official HSK Chinese exam. The classes are are conducted either face-to-face or virtually in synchronous mode, maximizing the benefits of both approaches. The small class sizes, ranging from four to eight students, ensure personalized attention, with a total of 24 hours of instruction per week. Moreover, Mandarin Chinese’s syntactic order closely aligns with that of Spanish, lacking grammatical gender or declensions, akin to Latin. This linguistic similarity facilitates a smoother learning experience for the student.

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The teaching team at Mandarin Centers training staff icomprises native teachers who possess the requisite qualifications to teach Mandarin Chinese. aEach instructor brings extensive experience in the field and specialized in our training program.

Didactic material

Our language learning tools include a textbook, an exercise book and support material such as audio CD and cafefully curated projections. These resources are tailored specifically for the study of Mandarin for Westerners.

Our curriculum aligns with the HSK (Hanyu Shueping Kaoshi) system, regulated by the Confucius Institute. The HSK system consists of six levels, starting with initiation levels HSK 1 and 2, equivalent to A1 and A2.For advanced training, HSK 3 and 4 correspond to the intermediate levels (B1 and B2), while HSK 5 and 6 represent an expert level (C1 and C2).

For the initial levels, the official test comprises two sections—written and listening comprehension—comprising 20 questions with a total duration of 40 minutes. A minimum score of 120 out of 200 points is required to pass each exercise, leading to an accredited qualification.