El centro de aprendizaje privado de idioma chino No. 1 a nivel mundial

Intensive courses

Learning languages is essential to improve cultural level and enhance job skills for greater employability.

Intensive Mandarin Chinese language courses

It is well known that the understanding of other languages is also beneficial to health in that it favors the memory, facilitates communication skills or delays diseases such as Alzheimer’s, as it is a very effective exercise in mental gymnastics. Moreover, if you are a travel enthusiast, it is all the better to be able to express yourself in your native language.

Why study Mandarin Chinese?

It is followed by different and varied answers depending on the particular interests of each individual. Thus, whether for work or cultural reasons, learning Chinese requires, as with other languages, time and effort. In this sense, it is a booming value for those who acquire skills in this language, as the country is becoming one of the most important economic forces of our days.

Thus, the opportunity to learn the language of one of the future economic powers of the world is a possibility that should not be missed and that can be complemented with training in other languages. For this reason, Mandarin Centers offers its intensive Chinese courses to acquire in a specific period of time the appropriate skills to begin to speak, write and understand this language.

After taking the course, the student will have the possibility to opt for a specific preparation to take the official HSK Chinese exam. The classes are designed to be one hundred percent face-to-face or virtual in synchronous mode and thus take full advantage of the benefits of this modality that integrates speed and enrichment. The groups are small, with a minimum of four people and a maximum of eight, and the number of hours is 24 hours per week. Finally, the syntactic order of this language is very similar to that of Spanish and does not have masculine or feminine gender or declensions, just like Latin, so it will be easily accepted by the student. 

Additional information


The Mandarin Centers training staff is made up of a group of native teachers, with the necessary qualifications to teach this language and with ample experience in this field and specialized in our training program.

Didactic material

The tools used for learning are a textbook, a book of exercises and support material through an audio CD and various projections that are specially oriented to the study of Mandarin for Westerners.

Thus, the system that is developed is framed as HSK, Hanyu Shueping Kaoshi, composed of six levels according to the regulations of the Confucius Institute, among which, the initiation level is HSK 1 and 2, both comparable to A1 and A2. In the case of opting for higher training, HSK 3 and 4 correspond to the intermediate step (B1 and B2) and KSK 5 and 6 would be an expert mode (C1 and C2).

In this sense, the official test to obtain an accredited qualification is composed for the first levels of two tests of written and listening comprehension structured through 20 questions with a total time of 40 minutes. Each exercise consists of 100 points of which 120 must be reached in order to pass.