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Agreement with PUCMM of the Dominican Republic

Mandarin Centers Institute and PUCMM University (Pontifica Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra), through its TEP (Technology and Continuing Education) extension, have formalized an alliance to develop and offer its students customized training programs that help improve the competitiveness of professionals and public and private institutions. PUCMM is the first private, Catholic and coeducational university in the Dominican Republic. It grants undergraduate, graduate, technical and doctoral degrees through its campuses and campuses. It is headquartered in the city of Santiago de los Caballeros, has a campus in the city of Santo Domingo and an extension in Puerto Plata.
It was founded by the Dominican Episcopate on September 9, 1962 in Santiago de los Caballeros. It was the first university to offer Business Administration, Hotel Administration, Nursing, Social Work, Industrial Engineering, Systems and Computer Engineering, Electrical, Mechanical and Electronic Engineering, and is currently the only one that offers Telematics Engineering and one of the few that offers Mechatronics Engineering in the country. In the areas of administration and business, communication, law and economics, it is considered one of the best at the academic level. The signing of this strategic alliance with one of the best private universities in Latin America comes to endorse the commitment of Mandarin Centers Institute in the training of future Dominican professionals, offering them a prism of business with China that will allow them to be more competitive when they enter the labor market. In the same way, these training programs are aimed at working professionals who do business with China or are planning to do so in the near future. Another very interesting profile to which these training programs are especially aimed at is that of professionals working in the public administration who are likely to receive expeditions or trade missions from China.  
Initially, a course on Protocol and Business with China will be offered: https://tep.pucmm.edu.do/protocolo-negocios-china, which will help to bring students closer to the Chinese business world. Mainly to know habits of conduct and business behavior to know how to channel an effective communication process with Chinese interlocutors. In short, it will help them to understand the rules of the business game in China that will allow them to generate a climate of loyalty, trust and respect with their Chinese interlocutor. In addition to this first course, a diploma course on Doing Business with China has also been designed: https://tep.pucmm.edu.do/business-china with a duration of 60 teaching hours. This course is designed for international business people with no previous knowledge of Chinese. The program focuses on learning Chinese in a quick and easy way, since it uses phonetic aids such as words or syllables that sound similar to imitate the pronunciation of Chinese words. The dynamics of the course is fun and entertaining, working with cartoons and interesting phrases that serve as memory aids. Students will learn practical Chinese words and phrases to do business with Chinese citizens or companies.