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Mandarin Centers Institute at the Universidad Sergio Arboleda

Mandarin Centers Institute has recently signed a collaboration agreement with one of the most prestigious universities in Colombia, Universidad Sergio Arboleda, a private higher education institution with 8 schools and more than 12,000 students nationwide.

Its main campus is located in the city of Bogota and has extensions in Santa Marta and Barranquilla, to which the agreement is extended.

The objective of the agreement is to enrich and complement the training currently received by its students with training in a language as important for their future employment as Mandarin Chinese.

The training program is designed for students to acquire basic linguistic competencies in Chinese and to allow them to certify the different official levels as they progress in the study of the language.

Mandarin Centers Institute is an Official Examination Center approved by Hanban, so all its courses follow the curriculum of the official Chinese exams. Undoubtedly a great advantage and guarantee for the students who will be able to count on the official certification at the end of each course.

Language certifications that will be required for students who want to apply to complement their training in any of the Chinese Universities. Also to have access to the numerous scholarships offered by both the Educational Institutions and the Chinese Government itself.

This alternative in particular and the exciting life adventure of accessing a scholarship and living in China was the subject of one of the lectures scheduled in the series of talks on topics of special interest to students related to China.

Dr. Aurora Ocón, Head of International Relations at Mandarin Centers Institute, led and starred in the first virtual talk, explaining her own experience of more than ten years living in China.

Below is the link to access this very interesting talk for those who did not have the opportunity to attend it live:


This series of talks meets one of the main purposes and objectives of the agreement signed between the two entities, to promote and encourage, beyond language teaching, all activities related to the field of culture, economics and education that may be of special interest to students.

Next Saturday, March 20, the second talk is scheduled to be given by the CEO of Mandarin Centers Institute, Mr. Carlos Chan, who will try to bring Sergio Arboleda students closer to the very interesting Chinese digital world and all the job and business opportunities offered by the Chinese digital ecosystem and its social networks.

Finally, on April 17, the last talk of this cycle will take place, led by Ms. Hong Xue, teacher and director of one of the Mandarin Centers in Europe, who has extensive experience in teaching Chinese to Spanish speakers and who will talk about the main tips when learning the language.