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We are an official HSK 2021 examination center

For the fifth consecutive year our center located in Seville (Spain), Mandarin Centers Los Remedios, belonging to our European network of Mandarin Centers Institute has been accredited by Hanban as an Official Examination Center for the HSK level exams (https://www.hanbanes.com/es/) .

More and more students are choosing to certify their official level of Chinese. In addition to its undoubted value as a guarantee of the learning received by parents and tutors of young students, in recent years and given the predominant situation of China in the world, there has been a notable increase in the number of adults who start learning the language to improve their job prospects.

From university students who need to certify their level in order to be eligible for the countless scholarships offered by the Chinese Government to professionals who are thinking of improving their communication skills in Chinese to increase their chances of integrating into Chinese companies that land in our country or even to emigrate to China in search of new opportunities.

China is experiencing an era of tremendous growth, especially in the field of technology companies. If Silicon Valley was traditionally the axis around which the entire digital pole revolved, now much of this technological effervescence has moved directly to China, where there are already many Chinese companies that occupy the top positions worldwide.

For all these reasons, it is essential that when choosing a center where to study Chinese, you opt for an officially accredited center that ensures that its training programs follow the curriculum of the official levels designed by the Confucius Institute.

This becomes even more important at an early age, when long-term objectives are set and children deserve to be sure that they will pass through the different formative stages in a regulated manner.


SKVocabularyProficiency Standard in
Chinese Language for Foreigners
The Common European
of European Languages
HSK Level 1150 WordsGrado 1A1
HSK Level 2300 WordsGrado 2A2
HSK Level 3600 WordsGrado 3B1
HSK Level 41.200 WordsGrado 4B2
HSK Level 52.500 WordsGrado 5C1
HSK Nivel 6Más de 5.000 PalabrasGrado 6C2