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Alliance for the teaching of Chinese in the Dominican Republic.

Responsables de ambas instituciones educativas en el acto de firma del acuerdo.
The Colegio Domínico Chino and Mandarin Centers Institute have recently sealed an alliance to work together towards the common goal of democratizing the teaching of Mandarin Chinese in the Dominican Republic. The institutional act that gave way to the symbolic signing of the agreement was held on March 10 at the facilities of the educational center in the city of Santo Domingo. The event was attended by Mr. Victor Pizarro, Regional Director for Latin America, representing Mandarin Centers Institute, and Ms. Kimberly Taveras, President of the Colegio Domínico Chino, representing the Colegio Domínico Chino. They were accompanied by a large group of representatives of related organizations and local businessmen, who agreed on the importance of having a center of reference for education and training in the Chinese language in the country, which will undoubtedly contribute to improve the competitiveness of the nation in the coming generations. The beginnings of the Chinese Dominican College date back to 2018 when the Dominican government implemented diplomatic relations with the People’s Republic of China. It was born with the vision of development inspired by the Chinese Educational System. This led them to make the decision to evolve to become a center with the highest educational standards.
Mandarin Centers Institute was founded in 2005 in Spain and is currently the first private center specialized exclusively in teaching Mandarin Chinese in the Western Hemisphere. With the formalization of this agreement, Mandarin Centers Institute reaffirms its clear commitment to consolidate its presence in Latin America, where it already has preferential collaboration agreements with the main Universities in countries such as Chile, Costa Rica, Colombia, Mexico and Argentina, among others. In its case, the Colegio Domínico Chino reinforces with this alliance its educational project based on the formation of a language as relevant as Chinese. In this way, it offers its students an additional training that will allow them to differentiate themselves and improve significantly in their future professional profiles. Mandarin Centers Institute is a reference institute in the teaching of Mandarin Chinese at an international level, with years of experience in the management of educational centers. It is also an Official Examining Center for the HSK Chinese levels recognized by CLEC (Center for Language Education and Cooperation, the only public organism of the Government of the People’s Republic of China that manages the global training of this language). Therefore, all the courses taught at the Colegio Domínico Chino will follow the official Chinese curriculum, allowing students to be certified at the different official levels as they complete them.
Under this alliance it is guaranteed that all Chinese teachers have the qualifications to teach Chinese as a foreign language as well as experience and mastery of Spanish as a support language. However, the best news is that the signing of this agreement and the advantages that it will bring to the students is not limited exclusively to the students of the Colegio Domínico Chino, it is a very ambitious agreement by which Mandarin Centers Institute will open its own classroom within the facilities of the center, so that it can extend all its training programs so that any inhabitant of the city can benefit from it. Likewise, and thanks to the fact that all the training programs offered by Mandarin Centers Institute are digitalized and fully adapted to virtual training, the training programs can also be offered to the audience throughout the Dominican Republic. Therefore, the Mandarin Centers Institute classroom will start offering a wide range of training programs for all ages and levels in the afternoons and evenings, once classes are finished at the school. In addition, for those whose work schedule is not compatible with the school’s schedule, there are plans to open training courses on Saturdays. The opening and start-up of the Mandarin Centers Institute Classroom is scheduled for the first week of May, although the adaptation works are already underway. Finally, in addition to the language training programs, Mandarin Centers Institute offers a wide portfolio of training programs based on professional training, designed for professionals in sectors such as finance, business, tourism, etc., with which they will develop the communication and protocol skills that their own professional field requires. At this point it should be noted that a tourism power such as the Dominican Republic, will require in the immediate present professionals in the tourism sector who are able to channel and direct its tourism offer to the demanding Chinese market. Not only will it be necessary to have communication skills in the Chinese language, but also to know their needs and the digital channels through which to attract outbound tourism from China, which has recently become the main tourist source country in the world. These are challenges that the Dominican Republic’s tourism sector will have to face in the short term, although it is estimated that the volume of Chinese tourists will increase significantly with respect to pre-pandemic data when international flights are allowed again in China. It is a market that the Dominican Republic should look at and bet on, although their profile is totally complementary to sun and beach tourism, allowing the opening of new market niches different from the usual ones. To follow closely all the training programs that will be offered you can visit www.cdc.edu.do or www.mandarincenters.institute.