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Mandarin Centers Institute becomes official examination center in Latin America

Chinese Testing International is an international professional Chinese language education and testing service organization, committed to providing international Chinese language education and professional services such as test research design, technology research and development, test implementation and marketing, etc., to meet the needs of global Chinese learners and institutions. Chinese Test International is the only institution with the authority to organize and design official Chinese language levels. Throughout its history, it has established 1,208 test centers in 155 countries and has served more than 30 million Chinese learners worldwide.
Last March 24, 2023 Mandarin Centers Institute Dominican Republic ratified the agreement with the Chinese Institution CTI (Chinese Testing International) to be designated as Official Examination Center for all the modalities of official exams that currently exist with respect to the training of Mandarin Chinese, thus following in the wake of its parent company Mandarin Centers Spain that since 2016 and uninterruptedly holds this privilege. The present agreement enables Mandarin Centers Institute Dominican Republic to organize all the official certifications existing today, from YCT (Young Chinese Testing) levels for children, HSKK for oral level certifications, BCT (Business Chinese Test) for professionals who require to certify their level of competence in business and HSK, the most widespread and those comprising the levels referenced to MERCER from A1 to C2. In addition to the Mandarin Centers Institute centers in the region, the agreement extends to all partner institutions with which MC Institute collaborates in the management and implementation of its Chinese language training programs, from schools, business schools, tourism, universities, etc. So that they can host in their facilities and offer their students the entire portfolio of official certifications recognized worldwide. This option is a real plus and advantage for the students of Mandarin Centers Institute since, in addition to the peace of mind of knowing that all their training programs follow the official Chinese curriculum, they will have the option of certifying the official levels in the centers where they study as they pass them. With this distinction and designation, Mandarin Centers Institute rewards the trajectory of its clear commitment to democratize the teaching of Chinese, being the first private institution in Latin America not linked to a Confucius Institute to achieve this. In addition to its scope of action in the Dominican Republic, the agreement is more ambitious and allows the Institution to propose and designate new centers beyond the Dominican borders, reaching all Latin American countries. In addition to the official certifications, this agreement also covers other fields in pursuit of the close collaboration of both institutions to improve, optimize and enrich the teaching of Chinese, making it more accessible to all as a lever of development that allows to improve the inequalities in the most disadvantaged areas. In this way, both institutions are working on projects to provide new certified training programs to improve professional training, as in the case of tourism. The main economic engine of the Latin American region will have a specific program to enable professionals in the tourism sector to adapt and enhance the offer to meet the tastes and preferences of the Chinese traveler. It also commits to a line of work so that the students of Mandarin Centers Institute can benefit from the various language immersion scholarships offered to study in China, as well as to establish preferential agreements for the exchange of students between the two countries. In the next few days we will begin to plan and organize the different official calls for the YCT and HSK levels for the Dominican Republic, so that Chinese students can enjoy the opportunity to take these tests. The exams will be open to all students, whether they are students of Mandarin Centers Insititute or collaborating centers, or independent students or students belonging to other educational centers. We recommend you to follow our news to be aware of the different exams, levels and dates that will be published.