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Partnership with Loyola University Language Center

Once again Mandarin Centers has partnered with the Language Center of Loyola University of Andalusia (Spain) to add specific Mandarin Chinese courses to its extensive language training offerings. Loyola University, always committed to dialogue and different cultures, has always aspired to be recognized for its academic and research excellence, to create knowledge about the problems and needs of today’s world, and to train men and women committed to the development of a more just and sustainable society. With their firm commitment to Mandarin Chinese language training, they offer their students the opportunity to complete their training in a language that is becoming increasingly common in the business world. China’s geopolitical position and the development and expansion of its companies around the world have made the mastery of Chinese a necessity in an interconnected world. The clear international vocation of Loyola University is further enhanced by the fact that it is part of the International Association of Jesuit Universities, the group of universities founded by the Society of Jesus throughout the world. In Latin America alone there are more than 25 member universities in the main countries of the world: Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, Peru, Brazil, etc. (https://iaju.org/region/AUSJAL ).
Image of Jesuit Universities and Colleges around the world. These training programs can be attended by all students enrolled at Loyola Andalucía University, both in Cordoba and Seville.
Annual Chinese course program at Loyola University The Chinese program taught at Loyola University Andalusia is developed during an academic year in which students not only deepen their knowledge of the language, but also learn about the culture and history of China, which are essential elements for understanding and obtaining a global perspective of the language. In terms of content, they will start at HSK1 level (equivalent to level A1 according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). Being Mandarin Centers un centro examinador oficial reconocido por Hanban, students will have the guarantee that the program follows the official Chinese curriculum designed by the Confucius Institute and that at the end of the program they will have the opportunity to certify the corresponding official level of Chinese. Last year, students participating in this program already had the opportunity to certify the official HSK1 level in the Official Convocation held at Mandarin Centers Seville’s own facilities, obtaining a 100% pass rate.