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Knowledge Exchange Meeting in the Dominican Republic

The approach to foreign language teaching and learning has varied over time. Initially, it was conceived as a mostly mechanical and repetitive process that centralized pedagogical actions around the teacher. However, language teaching involves a more dynamic transformation, in which not only linguistic, but also social, cultural, personal and even technological factors converge and have a direct influence on learning.

For this reason, current models are based on the acquisition of knowledge and the construction of problem-solving skills. This training conceives the student as the convergent center of all factors in the teaching-learning of foreign languages, with his or her needs being the guiding axis of the educator’s work.

In a globalized world, the implementation and management of different Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) have become a fundamental element in teacher updating within a new model of professional training, whose curricular designs are aligned with social needs.

Aware of the challenges involved in the opening of a language school, Mandarin Centers Institute with the support of the Colegio Domínico Chino contributes to the training of students through the provision of educational services in the teaching of Chinese, in order to strengthen the bilateral mobility of students, professors and researchers, which favors and provides the polytechnic community with a suitable learning and a global vision from an intercultural perspective.

In addition, Mandarin Centers Institute promotes the updating of language teachers through the generation of spaces for analysis, reflection, cooperation and exchange of experiences; the International Meeting for the Exchange of Knowledge of Foreign Language Teachers seeks to offer innovative proposals for lines of action in the areas of technology as a pedagogical tool, evaluation and student-centered teaching, which will allow foreign language professionals to face the technological and methodological challenges of their daily work in response to social demands and internationalization.

This meeting will be attended by leading national and international professionals in the field of foreign languages.

The event is part of the calendar of activities for the opening of the Mandarin Centers Institute in the Dominican Republic and will be held in the city of Santo Domingo from May 6 to 14, 2022.